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Elaj Val Isthirkha

Preparation and Priming for Painting

We pride ourselves on our neatness and attention to detail. We’ll cover your furnishings and floors with clean sheeting and drop cloths. During our service, we identify areas that need to be cleared or protected, care for home security and arrange temporary facilities for other households.

The last thing you have time for is worrying about dirty, scuffed or damaged walls in offices, and common areas such as lobbies, hallways, and break rooms. Best of all, we offer flexible after-hours scheduling and with our eco-friendly, low-odor, quick-dry paints, you’ll hardly notice we were there.

How Do We Prepare for Painting?

Preparation and priming for painting is essential. In Kerala conditions, we can never avoid these two steps. They should be done by professional painters because they set two basic things – preventing peeling of paint and ensuring long lasting of paint on walls, floors or furniture. Scraping and sanding are important things to smoothen up the surfaces to be painted on.

To begin with, we will move around all the accessories and furnishings in your room or office not to be ruined with paint. All the things will either be taken out of the room or moved to the middle and covered in plastic to avoid splatters of paint. It helps us freely handle your walls with no risk of damaging your valuable accessories with paint, water and oil.

The next stage in our Kerala professional painting service is a thorough cleaning of the entire room. Using mops floors or vacuum cleaners, we make the room ready for a facelift with new colours and a fresh look. If it is an old room, we will make sure that the cobwebs and dust are removed before starting painting.