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Water Proofing Services

We are also into waterproofing services Kerala. We are one of the professional waterproofing services in Kerala and we have a team of highly qualified professionals, who are great in terrace waterproofing as well as basement waterproofing. We keep a world-class standard in making your terrace and basement waterproof.

In Kerala, rain reason is longer and, at times, extreme too. Terrace leak is indeed one of the curses of any structure in Kerala. It will gradually deteriorate the strength of the building. The quickest solution for the trouble is better waterproofing, which makes the building last longer.

Terrace Waterproofing in Kerala

The climate in Kerala makes it a prerequisite to waterproof the terraces of building. We have a six-month wet and six-month dry weather. This varying climate is quite enough a reason for the increasing terrace water leakages of Kerala houses, building and other structures. We undertake waterproofing of terraces with better responsibility. Our team of waterproof professionals take care of all the requirements before starting the work and provide you with advanced waterproofing services Kerala. 

Basement Waterproofing in Kerala

Terrace leakage is not only Kerala’s curse. Due to the moisture of our lands, there is a chance for water to enter into your basement if the structure is built at ground level or below the ground. In both cases, basement waterproofing is the best solution for effective prevention of water from entering to the floor and damaging your furniture, accessories and other furnishings.